Daily Program Guide
(Updated 11/12/2013)
           12:00a   Sea Hunt  
  12:30a   Tales of Tomorrow  
  1:00a   Tarzan  
  1:30a   Robinson Crusoe  
  2:00a   Charlie Chan  
  3:00a   Fu Manchu  
  3:30a   John Wayne  
  4:30a   Propaganda  
  5:30a   Why We Fight  
  6:00a   Buck Rogers  
  6:30a   Howdy Doody  
  7:00a   Little Rascals  
  9:00a   Dennis the Menace  
  9:30a   Roy Rogers  
  10:00a   Robin Hood  
  10:30a   Rin Tin Tin  
  11:00a   Ozzie and Harriet  
  11:30a   Amos & Andy  
  12:00p   Combat!  
  1:00p   Mike Hammer  
  1:30p   Peter Gunn  
  2:00p   Dragnet  
  2:30p   Car 54 Where Are You?  
  3:00p   Beverly Hillbillies  
  3:30p   Mr. Ed  
  4:00p   The Lone Ranger  
  4:30p   Zorro's Black Whp  
  5:00p   Superman  
  5:30p   Invisible Man  
  6:00p   Fireball XL5  
  6:30p   Space Patrol  
  7:00p   The Addams Family  
  7:30p   My Favorite Martian  
  8:00p   Gunsmoke  
  9:00p   The Untouchables  
  10:00p   Alfred Hitchcock  
  10:30p   Sherlock Holmes  
  11:00p   Jack Benny  
  11:30p   Victory at Sea  
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